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A bridge for users to step into the Web3 era

Nimbus brings Web3-educated content and insight seamlessly with your daily activity. WAGMI

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Transaction explain

Know how value moves

We turn technical data inside your transaction into human-readable format.
Now you know exactly what a transaction does behind the scene

Transaction explain

Frequently asked questions

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What is Nimbus vision?
We want to build a layer on top of complicated concepts of Web3, so that Nimbus can become a bridge for mass adoption
Do we have a token in the future?
It depends on the token design value. We don't want to introduce useless or DAO-for-fun tokens. So as long as the token can have its intrinsic value and contribute to the community, we will definitely launch it
Do we have retroactive?
From my perspective, I'd think early users that give us insight are also our seed investors. So as long as we have revenue or token we will distribute to early adopters
Why do I need to take a survey to join the waiting line?
Because we have limited resources and we can not test all ideas. So your insight would bring Nimbus further to mass adoption
Is Nimbus open-source?
Yes. You can check out the repo here and we're more than welcome for any contribution to Nimbus
Is my money safe?
Of course. Nimbus is open-source so we can all verify all the flows. We also have a plan to audit after we launch a stable version.